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Now more than ever, people are looking for answers in our ever-changing economy.
Here are the resources we have compiled for you to help navigate the upheaval caused by COVID-19.

What is the Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturing Process?

COVID-19 has dramatically altered the way we live, but a potential vaccine offers some hope.

While the vast impact the vaccine will have on the economy is nearly impossible to quantify, read how U.S. vaccine production could impact the economy.

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Coronavirus Employment Effects: The 10 Most and Least Affected Congressional Districts

Using quarterly annualized data found in IMPLAN, our economists compiled a list comparing employment figures in each congressional district from 2018 to Q2 2020.

Find out which 10 Congressional districts experienced the largest and smallest decreases in employment as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Exploring Our Evolving Economy
Introducing IMPLAN COVID 2020-Q2 Data

To get current and future IMPLAN users acquainted with the value of the data set, caveats while using it, and approaches to studying it, we hosted a free 45-minute webinar titled, Exploring Our Evolving Economy – Introducing IMPLAN COVID 2020-Q2 Data. The last 15 minutes of the presentation features Q&A with our economists.

In this webinar, you will discover the IMPLAN COVID 2020-Q2 Data, review its methodology, and identify interesting findings and trends in the data set.

Evolving Economy – COVID 2020-Q2 Data
The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic represent a structural shift to the U.S. economy. With major changes to employment levels and average wage rates plus stimulus checks and PPP loans, it is crucial that the most appropriate data is used for modeling during this time. With that in mind, IMPLAN is proud to announce the release of ground-breaking data and economic impact models for the COVID-19 era.

Accordingly, IMPLAN has used the best publicly available data from the second quarter of 2020 to produce an IMPLAN data set (U.S., state, county, congressional district, and zip code models) meant to represent the pandemic-altered 2020 U.S. economy. Our Data Team annualized the data set based on the second quarter of 2020, so the entirety of the data examines how the whole year would look based on the start of the pandemic. For some Industries, there are very high losses evident from anecdotal evidence as well as in the COVID 2020-Q2 Data.

The data set has the same data points and capabilities as regular annual IMPLAN data. Because of this, you can compare 2018 levels to the Evolving Economy – COVID 2020-Q2 Data to see differences in your Region. However, as with any data set, there are nuances and considerations to keep in mind when using the data and comparing it to other data years. For more information on what you’ll find in the Evolving Economy data set, read our blog post here.

Additional COVID Resources

Analyzing the Economic Impacts of the Coronavirus (Webinar)

Modeling the economic impacts that matter to you and your community during the uncertainty of the Coronavirus.

This presentation walks through approaches to modeling and examining the economic effects of the Coronavirus. After discussing considerations and applicable examples, we host a Q&A session.

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Pandemic: Additional Considerations when Modeling the Coronavirus

As the world continues to see changes stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, more questions arise on best practices for how to look at the economic impact of the latest developments in IMPLAN.

Here are some considerations to think through when analyzing your impacts.

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A $22 Billion Loss: The Potential Impact of Coronavirus on Foreign Travel to the US

The worldwide pandemic has upset lives globally and dominated everyone’s attention for weeks.

Foreign travel was one of the first industries to be clearly impacted by the emergence of the coronavirus in China, and impact analyses can demonstrate the reach of those affected by this economic turmoil.

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Small Business, Big Economic Impact: Food Trucks and the Coronavirus

Across the country, the service industry has felt the consequences of the coronavirus more severely than most.

While cities and regions of all sizes have felt the strain, social distancing and business restrictions have affected small businesses in towns reliant on tourism spending particularly harshly.

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Analyzing the Economic Impacts of the Coronavirus (Blog)

The coronavirus has introduced uncertainty into everyone’s lives.

As with any economic disruption, the best way to cut through confusion and uncertainty is with data and insight.

IMPLAN provides you the ability to model the impact of these circumstances on your own economy.

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Introduction to IMPLAN Training

To safeguard against COVID-19, IMPLAN has cancelled all in-person training until further notice. In response, the IMPLAN Education Services team will be offering virtual training series for those in need of an education of the fundamentals of economic impact analysis.

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